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Working together for the community

The Community Centre which is the base for many local groups and organisations was opened in 1977 and was funded from three sources:

Since then a number of alterations have been made to the building, as the Centre developed for the benefit of the local population. Under Local Government re-organisation in 1998 Berkshire County Council was split into six Unitary Authorities and their interest in the Centre has been transferred to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.


Victory Hall photoIn 1919 Captain Frederick Clifford Armitage of the King's Shropshire Light Infantry, came home from serving his King and country; as a thanks offering for his safety during the war he paid the purchase price of a parcel of land in Cox Green 'on a road leading to White Waltham having a Victory Hall width of 'one hundred and two feet and a depth of two hundred and seventeen feet nine inches'; he turned the land over to trustees 'to be used for the benefit of the inhabitants of the village of Cox Green' as the trustees from time to time saw fit. The trustees built a hut on the land and called it Victory Hall.

And thus was planted an acorn.

As the village of Cox green grew so did the use of the hut for:

until at last after 50 years the hut was too small for the demands of the village.

The acorn had grown to a sturdy tree.

Early in 1969 the trustees got together and, because Victory Hall could no longer be economically repaired for its safe use, it was decided to encourage the villagers to form a community association which could build a new hall large enough for the expanded village. The Cox Green Community Association was formed on 31st March 1969. Public meetings were held and in 1973 a mandate to the Association came from the villagers to build a new centre. The new Community Association joined hands with Berkshire County Council (Youth & Community Service) and with the Parish of Cox Green and, together, they commissioned the new centre. Victory Hall was sold and the funds turned over to the Community Association in trust for the inhabitants of Cox Green. Funds came from its other two partners and, in 1976, on land in Highfield Lane adjacent to the Cox Green Comprehensive School, Cox Green Community Centre was opened, to provide something for everyone in Cox Green.

The acorn was now a magnificent oak.

Since the summer of 2005 the Community Centre has been part of a site known as The Centre that is occupied by the Community Centre, The Church of the Good Shepherd, Cox Green School and Cox Green Library which also houses offices for the Clerk to the Parish Council and a Police Office.

From little acorns oak trees grow.

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Contributing bodies

The three contributing bodies each nominate two trustees who have overall responsibility for the Centre. They in turn delegate the management of the day to day running of the Centre to a Management Committee with representatives from all sections of the community and a full-time professional team.

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Groups and organisations who use the Centre

Many groups and organisations use the Centre, catering for a variety of interests for all sections of the local community. The Centre also runs a Pre-School every morning. A list of activities with contact numbers can be obtained on this site or from the Centre office. The building is also the Parish Church of Cox Green.

The building, which has a variety of flexible accommodation, is available for hire for functions and other activities - full details are on this site or, again from the Centre office.

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disabled facilitiesThe Community Centre has facilities for the disabled.

Audio loop system logoThe Victory Hall and Pastoral Room and the Conference Room all have an audio and loop system for hearing aid users.