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Privacy Notice

  1. Background

    Cox Green Community Centre is a registered charity (No. 277252-R) set up to fulfil its charitable purposes, as defined in its Trust Deed, of advancing education and religion and providing facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation for the benefit of the inhabitants of Cox Green and its immediate neighbourhood.

    The Centre holds and processes Personal Information concerning its members, employees, customers and volunteers. If you fall into any of these categories as a private individual, this Privacy Notice lets you know what happens to any Personal Information that you give us or any that we collect from or about you. This notice covers all the activities provided directly by the Centre and its employees and agents. It does not cover activities provided at the Centre by other organisations and individuals, even if these are affiliated to the Centre, and requests for information regarding Personal Information held by such organisations and individuals should be sought directly from them.

    The Centre’s address is:
    51, Highfield Lane Maidenhead SL6 3AX and it can also be contacted by telephone on 01628 636715 or by e-mail to

  2. What kind of Personal Information does the Centre hold and process?

    The Centre processes Personal Information that may include:

    • personal details such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address allowing individuals to be clearly identified for contractual purposes and to be contacted concerning their transactions with the Centre. Bank details may be held and processed when a financial transaction such as the payment and receipt of money owed by or to the individual is involved;
    • family details, including social circumstances where necessary, relating to children attending the Centre’s Pre-School and Play Schemes. The Centre may also process sensitive classes of information, including physical or mental health details, racial or ethnic origin and religious or other beliefs of a similar nature, but only when this is necessary for the safeguarding and wellbeing of the children, or required by law or as a condition of funding; c) details of goods and services supplied to or by individuals;
    • appraisal, education and employment details when these are relevant to an individual’semployment by the Centre;
    • images captured by its CCTV security cameras.
  3. What is the source of the Personal Information held and processed by the Centre?

    Most of the Personal Information held by the Centre is provided by the individual when he or she enters into a contractual arrangement with the Centre. Other sources of information usually arise through a legal requirement, and include tax and benefit data provided by HMRC and the DWP, or for the purposes of child protection, when information may be sought from the DBS. The Centre may request information from a previous employer prior to making an employment offer.

  4. What are the purposes for which Personal Information may be held and processed by the Centre?

    The Centre processes Personal Information to enable it to fulfil its charitable purposes, as defined in its Trust Deed, of advancing education and religion and providing facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation for the benefit of the inhabitants of Cox Green and its immediate neighbourhood. Personal Informationis processed only if the processing isrelevant to these purposes. The processing is used to pay, support and manage the Centre’s staff and volunteers; to contact its members; to administer and charge forthe use of its facilities; to administer and support the provision of childcare and educational services to children and their parents and guardians;to fundraise and promote the interests of the Centre; to keep the Centre’s employees, users, buildings and equipment safe and secure; and to maintain the Centre’s own accounts and records.

  5. What are the Centre’s legal grounds for holding and processing Personal Information?

    The Centre is obliged by law to ensure that it has a lawful basis for processing Personal Information.

    In most cases the Centre’s lawful basis is one of contract, whereby the processing is done in order to fulfil its contractual obligations to an individual. This basis applies to obligations to employees under contracts of employment, to members and other users of facilities under hire or membership agreements, to suppliers of goods and services under purchase contracts, and to the parents and guardians of children attending the Centre’s Pre-School and Play Schemes under the relevant registration agreements.

    The Centre sometimes processes Personal Information to meet its legal obligations. The lawful basis of legal obligation applies to data processed for and shared with the Charities’ Commission in respect of its Trustees and Officers, with HMRC in respect of PAYE and VAT administration, and with law enforcement and government agencies when a formal request has been received.

    The Centre has a lawful legitimate interest in monitoring the behaviour of its employees, users and other visitors to the Centre. CCTV is used for maintaining the security of property and premises and for preventing and investigating crime. It may also be used to detect harassment or other inappropriate behaviour and to monitor employees when carrying out work duties.

    All other uses require consent and an individual who does not believe that he or she has given this should contact the Centre and either confirm their consent or request that the information be removed.

  6. Sharing of Personal Information

    Personal Informationis only shared with other persons or organisations if the sharing is required by law or necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes described in Section 5 above.Any organisations with which Personal Information is shared must comply fully with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and the GDPR and only use the information for the purposes specified by the Centre. Subject to these conditions the Centre may share information with:

    • family, associates and representatives of a child registered for attendance at the Pre-School or Play Scheme;
    • healthcare, social and welfare advisers or practitioners;
    • schools, educators and examining bodies;
    • goods and service providers, including financial organisations and professional advisers;
    • governmental, local and central, and other regulatory bodies;
    • current, past or prospective employers;
    • other voluntary and charitable organisations and agencies.

    The Centre does not transfer Personal Information outside of the UK and EEA.

  7. how long does the Centre retain Personal Information?

    Personal Information is held only for as long as the Centre has reasonable business needs in the administration of its relationship with an individual, or for the periodrequired by law. In many cases, such as enquiries concerning the Centre’s services, the information will be removed when the relationship ceases or fails to materialise. When a contract exists between an individual and the Centre, the relevant information will be kept for the contract period and, on conclusion of the contract, for as long as someone could bring a claim against the Centre and/or for a period in line with legal and regulatory requirements or guidance. Such a period is unlikely to exceed seven years.

    Images from the Centre’s CCTV cameras are overwritten after a maximum period of one month unless a request for longer retention has been received from an authorised third party under the circumstances described in Section 6 above.

  8. What are the rights of the individual whose Personal Information is held or processed by the Centre?

    Individuals have comprehensive rights under the Data Protection laws. In general, they have rights to be informed about the collection and use of their Personal Information and to access such information to ensure that it is accurate and is being lawfully processed. These general rights include the following specific rights:

    • to be informed about the holding and processing of Personal Information
    • to have Personal Information corrected if it is inaccurate or incomplete
    • to object to the processing of Personal Information if the lawful purpose requires consent
    • to restrict processing of Personal Information if this goes beyond the agreed lawful basis
    • to have Personal Information erased when it is no longer required for a lawful purpose (the “right to be forgotten”)
    • to request access to Personal Information and to obtain information about how the Centre processes it
    • to move, copy or transfer Personal Information (“data portability”)

    An individual wishing to exercise any of these rights in respect to Personal Information held or processed by the Centre should contact the Duty Manager or a member of the Centre’s Management Committee. An individual who disagrees with the actions taken by the Centre in respect of the holding or processing of their Personal Information has the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office which enforces data protection laws:

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