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Welcome to the Cox Green Community Centre

Cancellations due to Covid-19

Unfortunately the following events have been cancelled:

  • Panto (February 2021)

They will be back...

Coronavirus information

The Centre office is now closed due to the latest restrictions.

Due to the Coronavirus the following have been confirmed as cancelled.

  • All church activities are cancelled for the moment, please contact the Church to see if the events are
    going ahead.
  • All the groups have stopped their classes for now until further notice. Again please contact your organiser for up-to-date information.

Please stay safe, and remember:
Please do not panic-buy massive amounts of toilet paper and cleaning; supplies it won't make this problem better, and it might hurt those in need. Grocery stores are already struggling to keep up with demand for some items as everyone panics and buys too much. Try not to strain the system further or some people in your community won't have access to items they need.

Thank you.

We will also post when we plan to reopen to the website in due course.

We bring you all the news and events, contacts, history and activities.

Also find out about the Community Association, Church of the Good Shepherd, youth activities, the Centre's hire facilities, opportunities to offer your help and useful links to local amenities and places of interest.

The administration of the Centre is run by Duty Manager, Rose Rutland and the Bursar, Jane Rance and any queries concerning activities and bookings should be addressed to them,, 01628 636715.
Overall supervision and direction of the Centre remains with the Management Committee, chaired by Ian Harvey, and operating through Sub Committees with defined areas of responsibility.

Parking Blues!

Parking outside the community centre is very limited at the moment. Until the problem is resolved, where possible, can we please ask that you either walk or Car share to the Centre We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but rest assured we are looking at various options to resolve the problem. Thank you for your patience.

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April/May 2021 Community Newsletter

The deadline for the apr/May 2021 Community Newsletter is Friday 25th February 2021.
Please submit any contributions to the Community Centre, marked for the Editor, Community News or by email to:

The Community Centre now has a Defibrillator. This will be located on the wall outside the office in a white cabinet.

disabled facilitiesThe Community Centre has facilities for the disabled.

Audio loop system logoThe Victory Hall and Pastoral Room and the Conference Room all have an audio and loop system for hearing aid users.